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Making neighbors’ lives better is the reason we do what we do

If you’re concerned about being able to put food on the table, and are not sure what to do, we can help. We provide food assistance to anyone living in Chowan County who struggles to make ends meet or who needs short-term, emergency food assistance.

We understand sometimes you need a helping hand. Our hand extends to anyone who needs food—women, children, families, senior citizens, the disabled, veterans, students, single parents, the unemployed and the underemployed—regardless of race, religion, national origin or immigration status. There is no cost for any of our programs and no income restrictions for most. To help keep you safe food items are placed into your vehicle; you do not need to come into the building.

In emergency situations (e.g., recent loss of work, illness, fire, domestic disputes, etc.) you will  receive three to five days of food to carry you over. If extended assistance is needed, our staff will help you enroll in our monthly food assistance program. If appropriate, they may also help you enroll in our seniors and/or weekend meals for kids’ assistance programs. Once enrolled, you are welcome to come as log as it takes to get back on your feet.

Food shouldn’t be an impossible choice

Feeding America estimates one in five Chowan County residents is food insecure – meaning you may not know where your next meal is coming from. We know not all food insecure individuals live in poverty. We also know you probably have to choose regularly between purchasing food and other necessities (e.g., rent, gasoline, utilities, medicine, etc.). You also tend to skip meals and eat foods with poor nutritional value. We strive to feed hope as well as hunger as we connect individuals like you and your family with the nutritious meals you need.

Chowan County cares

With the community’s support, we've been helping our neighbors since 1983. And we can help you too; without fear, shame or embarrassment. We understand people sometimes need a helping hand and when those times come around, we hope you’ll turn to the Food Pantry.